Nitish Kumar Dangi

” Never thought I would be able to move out of a small village and be working in the big city ”

Nitish Kumar Dangi, a resident of Giddhour, Chatra was a candidate of HSPT in our organization. His father is a farmer. Nitish had a deep eager to come out of that remote place and make his life a bright one. Being a person with a strong determination he did not know how to reach his goal.

After getting acquainted with our program, he realized that though he had big dreams, he was unaware of small but important aspects of life; like benefit of time management, money management, body language, communication. After learning all these things his life took a positive change, he turned up into a groomed boy.

He was happy as he finally got a chance to accomplish his goals of making his and his family’s life better.

Now Nitish is working in canteen of Bosch Company as a steward with a salary of Rs 7000/-.

Rakesh Ganju

” It was because of the assistance I have received from the Roshini Training Program that my life has improved in many ways ”

Rakesh hails from a small village and was brought up in an agricultural family of six members. His parents, managed to send him to school, hoping for a better future to the child, despite their family problems.

After his class 10, he started to concentrate more on getting a job and helping out his family out of their troubles. All his trials brought him no luck as it seemed impossible to get a job with his limited skills and education.

It was at this juncture Rakesh came across IKYA Skill Development team’s mobilization drive for the Roshini Scheme under Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojna by Gol and thought that this training would improve his chances of getting a job as it was a free residential program.

Now, after completing his 3 months training program in Hospitality course, Rakesh is a Steward at Hotel The Ken Ranchi and is earning a salary of Rs. 6700 with freeAccommodation and food.

Manjeet Oraon

” This was the moment I will cherish for my life time, as it was a dream come true to land a job in Ranchi city ”

Manjeet Oraon, a son of a farmer from a small village, lost interest in studies and decided to stop his education after class 10.

Post this he tried to land a job as an office boy and faced many Interviews but could not succeed being a local candidate and poor communication skills.

When IKYA Skill Development team went into his village to announce the Roshini Scheme under Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana by Gol, a free residential training program with a job linked to it.

He completed the 3 months Hospitality course and was provided an opportunity in Hotel The KEN in Ranchi as a Steward. He is earning a salary of Rs.6700 and freeAccommodation and Food.

Saniya Tana Bhagat

” I wanted to find a way to support my family and now I know the way ”

Saniya Tana Bhagat is from Dhoti, Dumaro district Latehaar. His father, Mr. Luta Tana Bhagat is a farmer. His father’s income was insufficient to support their five member family. Being the eldest of his siblings Saniya’s deepest desire was to support his family financially, so that his family can atleast get their three square meals and his younger siblings could study.

Saniya did his matriculation, and he knows the importance & benefits of education. He was disappointed when he was unable to make his younger brother and sister study and was very desperate to do so.

When Saniya got acquainted about the project ROSHNI, he became enthusiastic and got enlighten as he did not have any idea on how he could support his family. At the start of the program, he did eat three times a day, as he was used to his family never getting food thrice a day. After our continuous effort we made him understand that only by strengthening himself he can support his family.

He went to Bangalore happily with new hopes and enthusiasm. Now Saniya is working in Bosch company canteen, as a Steward with a salary of Rs. 7000. His family is very proud of him.