STEP LEAP offers a variety of “Job Ready” courses to graduate students, working professionals and corporate(s). These courses give candidates a competitive edge over other job seekers and make them preferred employees. The courses are also suited for fresh hires of corporate(s). All courses include basic theory but concentrate on practical aspects to build professional knowledge on job application skills and are being prepared in conjunction with industry experts. It reduces the requirement of employers to train new hires on joining, thus reducing costs and saving time.

The training programs cover the following sectors:

  • End to End Recruitment
  • Logistics and Supply Chain management
  • Travel &Tourism
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Event management
  • Facility management
  • Real Estate
  • BFSI

The training program on recruitment, namely TRUMP: Training and Recruitment Unique Model Program, is for training of fresh hires in the field of staffing and recruitment. The first course is to start in June 2015. All courses are certification courses and the team also provides placement assistance.

Quess Corp being a diverse business group has clientele across domains and hence the team tries to place the trained candidates within our own group of companies, in case found suitable.

Our courses are designed for students, fresh graduates and new recruits from the corporate sector.

We undergo stringent policies while screening candidates for our courses.


For Graduates-

Step 1- We connect with placement officers and organize seminars for  UG/PG/Alumni students seeking jobs.

Step 2- Here we screen the candidates to see if they are trainable.

Step 3- Trainable candidates are then put through the short term courses of their interest.

Step 4- Assessment

Step5- Placement Assistance


For Corporate(s)

Step 1- Meetings to understand Client requirement

Step2- Customized Content

Step 3- Training Delivery


For Students

Step 1 –  We connect with universities and colleges and offer one of the following:

  • Short courses as value add on programs to the current courses being hosted. This helps in giving students an edge during placement.
  • Certificate courses of 6 months each along with a 1 year diploma course. This helps students in running parallel to the regular program in an industry specific sector.

(These courses are run in collaboration with the university processes and guidelines.)

Step 2  – Content based on the  selected course.

Step 3 – Training Delivery.

Step 4 – Placement assistance.

All our trainers provide remote support for three months post completion of the training program.